15 November 2008

Saturday Report

Soo, The Wuppitas are asleep on the couch. I'm sitting at my computer, looking at the mountians, listening to the Waltz of the Sugar Plum Fairies (don't ask) and what crosses my field of vision...Grouse! Not one, not two-but TWENTY ONE of them marching, single file across my deck. They hop down and keep marching across the yard. Amazing. 21 of them.
I go on working and half hour later...here they come marching back. I grabbed my trusty Fuji and get one quick shot before Dalwhinnie wanders over to the window (read Patio door) and off they fly as a flock.

Have I mentioned that I love my little house on the Prairie, I do. Unexpected visitors and all.

pictures to follow, but I'm working..sshhh.


A.Fanny said...

Great to have a magical parade strait from God to give you a nice little break! I love that you counted them! Can't wait to see photo. Now I'll shut up and let you work .........

Wicked Thistle said...

Oh, the wonders of the prairie! The grouse were there to lead you on to victory with Nano, I'm sure. Oh, the wonders of the grouse!

moi said...

I love that last photo! The prairie is indeed alive with marvy things . . .

A.Fanny said...

You were quick on the draw. But of course my inner photo had ALL twenty-one of them lined up!

But where did the verb "to grouse" come from?

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