06 December 2008

ahh, the *internets*

Ain't technology grand??

Today I am listening to a performance of Massenet's Thais with Renee Fleming (it is beeeautiful) and I will see a *Live* HD performance on the 20th at a local movie theater. This is amazing!

I am also reading the NewYork Times and Drinking coffee while I watch my wuppies snore...schweeet.

Now this.....

Is a fabulous production of Franz Lehar's "The Merry widow" performed in
Chicago...several , several years ago.....

and THIS is someone dreaming about Christmas and hoping that if she sleeps right next to her food bowl...maybe Santa will come sooner and bring lots of treats. Don't worry puppy, he will.


Wicked Thistle said...

Look at those two fabulous broads in "The Merry Widow!" What I wouldn't give to see an encore presentation of that. Maybe next summer, in a cabin to the north...

moi said...

That is what I love about Dalwhinnie. Regardless of what comes up in her life, no matter what people say she can and cannot do, never mind the stray wuppies and guests that pop in on her from time to time, she remains ever the easy going gal. Ergo, her food bowl is always "full."

A.Fanny said...

Omigod - that gave me a start! The funniest image for me was DR getting drunk at the back table. Nothing that went on in front of us was as important as the improv WE were doing! Now I know for sure she stole the show!

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