15 December 2008

It's gettin' kinda Christmasy

Come on you guys....time for a picture, Dalwhinnie, Poppy, COME!
Come in here... sit Dalwhinnie
Come back here and sit. Poppy, come in here, SIT...I said SIT!!

(can I make it out that door..)

"Merry Christmas pesty Poppy"

"Merry Christmas Dalwhinnie, I love yoouuu!"

(when will this F****** merriment be over with)

Merry Cristmas Everyone!

God Bless us everyone!
"okay ..TREATS!"


A.Fanny said...

Hilarious sweethearts! It's obvious they know who the treat-source is! But for whom is the little box under the tree? for Me? for Moi?

Doris Rose said...

ummm...dunno, but look to your mail box soon.

moi said...

Wuv doze wuppies. Wuv 'em.

Wicked Thistle said...

Cursing puppies! I love it! Merry effing Christmas, wuppies!

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