25 February 2009

Very Exciting News!!

This here compooter is one crazy-ass little piece of high techery.

My brother was kind enough to gift me with an old model Compaq which has served me well since October when I started my *serious* writing adventure.
Alas the 6GB hard drive could no longer cope (it is probably 7-8years old...RIP). When installing a new one would have been +/_$200, I went shopping and found..

The DELL Inspiron Mini 9. Is this cute or what?! Less than half the size and about 2 pounds! I could carry this in my pocket, a kinda big pocket, but still...

Not as thick as a paper back
But bigger than my Palm...

Windows XP and Microsoft Works, as well as wireless internet and a web cam, tooo cute.

I just wanted something easy to use for writing and boy, is this great. Now even I can go to Flying Star with the cool kids!

More reports to follow!


Anonymous said...


Uh, looks kinda pink in the last pic!! LOL

Jane said...

A new computer is awesome! I have two old Compaqs, the Dell I use everyday, and an old Gateway laptop that I never use...and all I REALLY want is one beautiful Mac! I've wanted one for 10 years.

Someday, someday...

Wicked Thistle said...

WOW!! We must make a date for Flying Star soon! You'll be the coolest of the cool. I've seen people using these and am always intrigued by them. And here I thought you'd gone and gotten a Kindle 2...

A.Fanny said...

Is there a trendy place in Edgewood where you can go wearing your shades and sit down with a latte and your new Mini 9 and be Agatha '09? If so I wanna go WITH!

Doris Rose said...

well, A.Fanny, here in town we have a Starbucks, I mean. I could also venture into to Burque and join Wicked at Flying Star.
Jane: You win with number of computer, probably the secret to to Brilliance.
WT-let's make a date to be Cool.

~MAGILL~ said...

techno geeky KaZammmm!
looks great Glad you did not pour more $$$ in the old PC

I want a new toy . . ooops I got one for Valentines

'FLIP VIDEO ' mini

may have to return to blogging or you tubing

moi said...

Wow, that's the cutest thing ev-ah and I never say that about a PC! You, me, Wicked: Flying Star. Go, you!

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