08 March 2009

Spring Forward...they say

Well, here it is March 8th and it is warm and sunny and it's still light at five PM. And No, I didn't turn the clocks forward...I waited until the computer did it for me so I would know what the correct time REALLY was.

So anyway, here's the deal, a couple of weeks ago I noticed some teeny tiny little sprouts of green amongst the very dry grass covering the high desert around my house.

Why is this such a big flippin deal, you ask? ...cause we ain't had NO rain.No snow. Nada'. It is mucho dryo (read HIGH fire danger)

(for reference purposes, these gay blades are about 1"high...all 20 of them)

Then there are these little cauliflower looking thing (also about 1"in diameter)

It is amazing to me that the flora and fauna seem to survive and flourish in less than a hospitable environment.

I still don't know what the rodents (there are many), rabbits, snakes , lizards and coyotes do without a source of water, I really don't.

But every year, they survive and propagate. The Life Cycle is pretty amazing.

Meanwhile, when I drove into Albuquerque Thursday last, there were flowering trees blooming everywhere, it was really beautiful. There were also 237 million cars and trucks making noise and stinking up the place, so after a few hours I had to flee for the dry peace of the desert.

Reminds me, I'm gonna go get a drink of water, feeling a little parched.

Addendeum: I wrote this on Sunday after noon...I awoke Monday morning to ....SNOW.

you gotta love it


Wicked Thistle said...

LOVE the new blog look, LOVE the new blog pic, and yeah, the snow...I know. But did we get a snow day?? NO. Please continue to encourage the little green shoots so that they will grow into big trees or wreaths or something. Happy Monday (is there such a thing)!

A.Fanny said...


moi said...

The desert is truly amazing. Life persists, always. But I sure do envy all that blooming greenery in Albuturkey. It's almost like another world there. My favorite thing to do come mid March is cruise for a few minutes through a residential neighborhood and just oogle the daffodils, iris, and lilac bushes. Everything in my garden is about 3-4 weeks behind, regardless of how much moisture we get for the winter. But this snow sure is awesome - yay!

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