06 May 2007

COWW Roadtrip to the Winery

In order to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, the COWWgirls decided to take a road trip to one of NM's numerous and historical vineyards.
This months planner, Thistle chose the Ponderosa Vineyard in Jemez. The plan was to have a picnic lunch, tour the Vineyard and explore the Jemez area. As sometimes happens, Mother nature was not cooperating. We had a windy, cold, rainy, start and it remained quite cool and overcast.
We managed to locate the Vineyard with minimal difficulty, and it is located in a beautiful area of north central New Mexico. It is a very small, family-run business, was an excellent award-winning wines and several puppies. Our hostess provided a lovely education, and some excellent wine (we left with two boxes).
We continued our tour through a Jemez to a small restaurant called Concetta where we had a delightful lunch, courtesy of Joe and his wife, the schoolteachers.
After a tasty meal,We resumed our tour of the Jemez area, exploring antique shops, galleries, and the " tunnels" where we were able to witness some genuine graffiti application-three guys with too much time on their hands carving up a post. (With my zoom lens, I could have gotten the license plate, but I don't know who would have been interested.)
It was a lovely afternoon, laughing with talking with like-minded friends being chauffeured by her highness, Moi. (thank you). The conversation ran the gamut-as only women can do--and must remain confidential, but quite hysterical. We returned to Albuquerque to divide our picnic lunch and head our separate ways with memories of another great get-together and get-away.


Wicked Thistle said...

Wunnerful, wunnerful, wunnerful, with *great* pics. I love the fact that you noted we left with two boxes of wine. Very nice summary of the day, and thanks for keeping our secrets.

Moi said...

Yes, a most marvelous day, despite the weather – our response to which, I believe, is perhaps best summed up on our expressions in the group photo (although I simply must remember to leave the confused monkey expression at home where it belongs). Thanks for snapping pics and pass 'em along!

Nunovsky said...

Great blog . Loved the pictures :) . Keep up with the good work . Bye , Nunovsky

Doris Rose said...

gracias, senor.y'all come back.

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