04 May 2007

Prairie Day

We are having us some wind today, 25 to 35 mph with gusts to 50, this is getting to be routine. And I have a better understanding of why we have drought. In spite of the storm systems, which have been moving through the southwest at a record pace, bringing with them scattered thunderstorms; they're followed by high wind, which, I'm guessing, evaporates.
The moisture which has been gently deposited on the parched earth, then "Here's some nice refreshing rain... and now I'm taking it back"-- seems kinda mean to me. Small wonder, plants have trouble deciding whether or not to grow, and those that do, don't get very big.
One of the things about the frequently moving storms/scattered thunderstorms is their visibility from the middle of the prairie. I can watch a half a dozen small storms surround me, while it's perfectly dry here, and often the rain stops halfway between cloud and earth, because it evaporates. That is a phenomenon I never saw in Wisconsin. It was much too humid for anything to just evaporate.

Having lived most of my life in the Midwest. I took the humidity for granted, and it never much bothered me. Now that I've been in the high desert for almost 10 years, I take the dryness for granted. When I return to Wisconsin to visit, it feels extremely uncomfortable for the first day or so, until I acclimate.

Another advantage I have with my 360° vista is the ability to see a full rainbow-they are immense and seem to be so close, and all the more beautiful because of the dark skies behind them. (That was something I didn't get to see in the Midwest).

In addition to some beautiful sunrise's and sunsets. I have been able to see some breathtaking moonrise's (moon rose?). Yup, there's some mighty pretty scenery out here in the prairie-or more correctly "High desert."


Moi said...

The desert rocks, man. When S.B. and I were first together, we looked at a plot of land out your way. For him, it was too open. But I imagined just the kind of grand acts of Mother Nature that you’ve described. “Honey, this way we can SEE the storms coming for us!” I pleaded. Alas, S.B. was resolute against life on the American Short Grass Plains. But that’s where a part of my heart will always be . . .

Wicked Thistle said...

I barely remember my humid days in Oklahoma. Well, that's a lie because I go back there twice a year and am rudely reminded of what 95% wet air feels like. Ugh. But I know what you mean.

I, too, love the openness of NM. I love being able to see every little thing that's happening just by doing a 360 in my driveway. Okay, that's a lie, too, because you know that about 50% of that view would involve garages. But east and west, I love looking in those directions.

Great descriptions, girl!

~MAGILL~ said...

Spring in Wisconsin is full of beauty, renewal and promise...

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